Share your visits!

Have you recently visited a bridge, a building, a stadium and would you like to share it with others? We have created this collaborative map to do it!

You can share some basic information about your favorite structure, but we also want to know the best place to see it, why we should visit it, and if there is a place nearby for a good beer!

For your visit to be displayed on the map, you just have to fill out the following form. After you submit it, there will be a new orange mark on the map. Collaborations verified by Behind A Great Project are shown in red (please note it may take some time until we review and verify, and that we don´t take responsibility for the accuracy of the orange marks).

If you have taken photos from different places (for example, a bridge photographed from below and from afar), upload the structure twice on two different locations.

And finally, thank you very much for sharing. We hope you also find it useful in planning your next visits.

Type of the structure

Suspension, cable-stayed, arch, frame, truss, slab, beam, box girder, stress-ribbon, movable.

Is it a gym, a stadium...?

Example: It holds the record for the tallest building in 2023.

Your picture taken at the location on the map.

Tell us how to get to the location where you took the picture!

Example: Best beers in town are 5 minutes away at "Best bar".

Your name here.

Any link or additional information you'd like to share.